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Laureen & Norm

Posted by on Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 in

Hello Dale

Thank you!

Thank you also for being our Agent in the selling of our house. Once we got the asking price in the right ball park, it was actually surprising how fast the house sold!

Our next door neighbour had been talking to the owners of the houses that are for sale down the street heading south & on the same side of the street as our house and the owner of that house
was saying to our neighbour that Norm’s & my house was the last house on the street to be listed & the first sold.

Our neighbour simply replied “they priced it right”. I have noticed that that owner has now lowered his asking price by $10,000.00, but it is still not selling, and my guess is that it won’t until he lowers way more. Just another confirmation for us that in today’s market, houses on that street are really only worth around the $430,000 to $440,000 mark.

Thanks for the offer to find us an Agent in Penticton. If the one I have already talked with does not pan out, then I certainly will contact you for a referral to another one.

Take care Dale & thanks again!

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