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Bernadette Thomas

Posted by on Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 in

To whom this may concern

Dale Sheppard sold my home after having it on the market after only 2 days, getting me a price that most other realtors had said was too high. My home was on the market with PRIVATE HOME/SELLERS for approximately 3 months and I couldn’t sell it even when it was priced lower than Dale sold my home for in 2 days.

Dale was very professional and to the point. He didn’t bore me with things that weren’t important to me. He gave me the important facts only. Dale was very well informed on the market conditions. Dale is very a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable Realtor who keeps seeing the positive in everything and it worked for me.

My home had been given an anticipated selling price of $210,000 to $220,000 by 2 other Realtors and Dale sold it for $228,500.
Thanks again to Dale Sheppard for doing such a great job for me.

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