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Why Stage:

First impressions do count and you can count them in dollars when you market your home! You have already made the most important decision to sell your home, so why not get your maximum financial return. Did you know that it takes a prospective buyer just a few seconds to evaluate your home? Since you realize that a likely buyer is also viewing other homes, it is critical to get an edge on the competition. Home staging will give you the benefit of having your house show from its best perspective, and will create an immediate and positive reaction from potential buyers.

What Is Real Estate Staging:

While home staging is certainly about clearing the clutter it is also about rearranging the furniture and accessories that you already own and displaying it to its best potential. It may also include painting and repairs. The goal is to prepare your home and property by creating an inviting environment that encourages potential buyers to envision themselves living there. Whatever the extent of staging you do can make all the difference in how quickly and for how much your home sells.

Home Staging Evaluation:

With checklist in hand I will objectively view your home, the contents and property to evaluate the needs of your home. An outline is created with suggestions for enhancements or changes that would best prepare your home for sale. My intention is not to criticize your housekeeping or the way you have decorated. My goal is to de-personalize and suggest ways to improve the appearance of your property that would appeal to the masses and maximize the return on the sale of your house.